The Thalian’s 55th Gala

SchimmelSmith Publishing has happily donated artwork to very worthwhile causes in the past, but when The Thalians approached us to donate a Schimmel piece for such an amazing organization as “Operation Mend,” we had to take part. SchimmelSmith donated three pieces for the event: an original work titled, “Dawn of Life,” and two limited edition pieces, “Africa’s Matriarch” and one of Schim’s Disney pieces, “Insufferable.” In addition, we donated a case of signed copies of our book, “The Butterfly’s Treasure.”

Operation Mend is an organization that helps to heal the disfiguring wounds inflicted on our military personnel in war. Schim and I were very fortunate to be able to attend the event on Saturday, and meet some of these remarkable doctors and the soldiers they have operated on.

After the auction closed and all three pieces sold, we were introduced to former tennis pro and tennis-serve record holder, Scott Warner, who purchased two of Schim’s artworks.  He said, “Schim’s ‘Africa’s Matriarch,’ and his Disney piece ‘Insufferable,’ kept alluring us back to view them until we couldn’t resist taking them home. The experience of the elephant’s realism intrigues and begs appreciating beautiful animal scenery, along with the fun Disney fantasy art of the insufferable lion.”

Thanks, Scott!

And thanks, also, to The Thalians and Operation Mend for this opportunity to help support our military personnel who have sacrificed so much for our country.

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