Schimcat’s Story

Schimcat is the creation of Tricia Buchanan-Benson and Stephen Reis, animators for the popular long-running show, “The Simpsons.” Tricia and Stephen, both fine-artists themselves as well as animators, have been friends with Kirk Smith and Schim Schimmel for several years.
It was their intention to create a character that would represent Schimmel himself, his artwork and his environmental message.
Schimcat’s goal is to “Paint the world a better place.” Because Schimcat is a white tiger, he gives voice to all the animals on their behalf, defending their right to share this planet with us, and to remind people everywhere that we need to protect and preserve our world.

Schimcat’s message will be roared loud and clear with insight, humor, and just a touch of attitude—after all, as spokes-tiger for the animal kingdom, Schimcat is more than a little frustrated with us humans for not being better caretakers of this incredible planet.

Fortunately, Schimcat’s roar is bigger than his bite, and what he most wants to see is for all of us to share this world together as “The family of earth.”

Look for Schimcat in the near future as a merchandizing icon, an animation character, and just an all-around pesky consciousness reminder that it’s up to us to save ourselves and our world. 

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